Increasing Fresh Graduates Chart Pushes Pressure on Job Market!


Recently the graduation ceremony that place in leading and big universities in Karachi has left many analysts and educationalist wondering that where will this new lot of fresh graduates go? Looking at the job market conditions in Karachi or even if we talk about the whole country, the conditions are alarming. With rapid economic devastation and with new government coming with their new plans for future 5 years, many things seems to be in the middle of completion and that is creating adverse effect on the youth that is graduating and expecting a good return for the hard work and dedication they have offered to the education requirements.

Each student who graduates, like me, has many dreams of the first job that he will be getting and the salary he will be getting. Our society is a one in which there are some pre define values and most of us have no option but to follow those values. For instance guys in our society are expected to earn just after graduating so that they can get married in his late 20’s or early 30’s and so they start looking for jobs such as jobs in international sales in Pakistan In case of girls society is bit lenient and so give them the leverage of not getting job that early as they are suppose to get married soon.

But now the trend is changing and so are the dynamics of society. Now according to a survey done recently more and more graduates are preferring their own business and starting up their own ventures instead of looking for jobs and giving meaningless interviews in big companies and getting a fix income. This trend is a new one and is in its incubation stages, as more and more students of leading and big universities are getting attracted by this idea. Even in my time, there were students who had their own make up thingy starting up, some were doing photography sessions and taking tuitions, some were interested in music, some in clothes and apparel and so and so on and few were opting for fields such as content development jobs in Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan.

Going for your dreams is not bad, in fact in today’s age is the best option fresh graduates have. This trend where youth is fueling entrepreneurship is increasing and so there lies many opportunities for young and fresh graduates. What you need is to identify the skills and the talent that you have and then capitalize on that. Find what you are good at, for e.g. if youhave good selling and marketing skills then your search should be sales jobs in Pakistan .This trend is also expected to give the much needed boost to our economy and change the dynamics of the working in Pakistan!